Benefits of Membership

Euro Evo Devo members receive discounted rates on the following journals:


Evolution & Development
online only: €25/£27/$50
print & online: €41/£38/$70


online only: US$105.00
print only: US$105.00
print & online: US$115.00
(no additional postage costs for international mailing)

j of exp zoocover

Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution
online only: US$30.00
print & online: US$102.00 (including postage)

biological theory cover

Biological Theory
print & online: US$52.00


Membership of Euro Evo Devo is open to any person interested in the study of evolutionary developmental biology.

There are two categories of members: student and regular members.

Euro Evo Devo members in good standing include the following:

  1. All persons who registered for the last congress
  2. All who register for the next congress at least three months before it convenes
  3. Any person paying membership dues between these two congresses.

For information about membership dues between the two congresses, please contact Tom Van Dooren, Treasurer, at

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