2024 Helsinki Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Evo-Devo Community,


It was an exciting year meeting again in person in Naples and seeing what inspiring research happened in our community over the last years. We wish to send a big thank you to the organisers of a wonderful EED 2022 meeting and for making it happen despite having to plan the event multiple times. Thank you, Maria Ina Arnone, Salvatore D’Aniello, Giuseppe Fusco, Lucia Manni, Alessandro Minelli, and Paolo Sordino.


Now, it is our great pleasure to officially announce that EED 2024 will be held in Helsinki Finland from June 25th-28th 2024. The meeting will happen just after Midsummer so it will be an exciting time to visit Finland and witness the long days of the Nordic summer! So please SAVE THE DATE AND SPREAD THE WORD! For more information, please have a look at our EED 2024 conference homepage www.euroevodevo2024.fi and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/EED2024 and Mastodon https://ecoevo.social/@EED2024!


The local organising committee is led by Claudius Kratochwil and the planning is already in full swing. The conference will be at exciting venues, and we will feature fantastic keynotes! Also, for this meeting we will invite Symposia submissions (Deadline in September 2023 — more information in June 2023). This time we will also have an open call for Satellite Meetings (besides the usual ones) that will be held on June 24th and 25th 2024 (Deadline for the call will be in March 2023 — more information in January 2023).


With this we wish you all happy holidays and a great start into 2023.


Jukka Jernvall (EED President)

Annette Becker (EED Vice-President)

Sylvie Rétaux (EED Program Officer)

Tom Van Dooren (EED Treasurer)

Rainer Melzer (EED Secretary)

Carlos Guerrero Bosagna (EED Marketing and Sponsorship Officer)

Claudius Kratochwil (Chair of the EED 2024 Local Organising Committee)



Society Homepage: https://evodevo.eu

EuroEvoDevo2024 Homepage: http://www.euroevodevo2024.fi

EuroEvoDevo2024 Twitter: https://twitter.com/EED2024

EuroEvoDevo2024 Mastodon: https://ecoevo.social/@EED2024