Due to COVID-19 the 8th conference of the EED postponed to 2021. It will take place from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2021 in Naples.

The Scientific Committee of the EED invites proposals for symposia for the 8th EED conference in Naples (7-10 July 2020). It is the aim of our conferences to stimulate communication between subdisciplines and researchers from different countries. We therefore particularly encourage the submission of symposia on broad and integrative topics of potential interest to researchers from different fields (e.g. developmental biology, genetics, paleontology, theoretical biology, genomics, morphogenesis) and with a clear evolutionary aspect. We strongly encourage symposia that combine animal and plant studies and this, plus an emphasis on evolutionary mechanisms, will be major selection criteria in the case of symposium topics that are suitable for both animal and plant talks.

Ideally, speakers should come from several countries, with no more than 2 speakers from the same country. Symposia can accommodate 4 invited speakers and allow 25 minutes for each speaker (20 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion). Please note that speakers can only present in a single symposium. To facilitate selection of symposia for the program, please include the following in your proposal:

(1)  Title of symposium

(2)  Provisional list of proposed speakers

(3)  Brief (abstract length) description of the symposium, including a short indication of what the different speakers are expected to contribute

(4)  Brief justification of why the symposium is appropriate for an EED meeting (e.g. timeliness, general interest, interdisciplinarity)

(5)  Contact information of all symposium organizers

(6)  Please indicate whether you intend to seek external financial support for your symposium

The deadline for symposium proposals is 30 September 2019. All submissions (as word-files and not pdfs), should be sent to: eed.soc@gmail.com with the subject line EED symposium.

Please note that the EED does not provide financial support for speakers invited to a symposium, and the Society thus encourages symposium organizers to seek external support for their symposium.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions for symposia!