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The fourth meeting of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EED) will be held from July 10–13, 2012 in Lisbon.

The program will start 10 July at 18.00 with the first keynote talk and ends 13 July at 19.00. The registration desk will open 10 July at 14.00.
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Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, C3 building (the faculty is divided in 8 buildings C1 to C8).
The venue can be reached by metro by going to the station "cidade universitaria" or "campo grande".


Information on accommodation can be found on the accommodation page


Information on transport from the airport and within the city


Registration Form
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Abstract submission

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Deadline for the submission of abstracts and the early fee deadline: 29 April 2012.


program schedule
detailed schedule of the scientific program
Abstracts (talk abstracts - page 39, poster abstracts - page 147)

Keynote Speakers

Moisés Mallo (Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Portugal)
Armin Moczek (Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A.)
Gerd Müller (University of Vienna, Austria)
Paula Rudall (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, U.K.)

Sponsor of the keynote speakers:


N.B. for a full listing and programme, see the Symposia Lisbon 2012 Webpage

  • Towards a theory of development
    Organizers: Alessandro Minelli, Rinaldo Bertossa
  • Evolution of organs and cell types
    Organizers: Andreas Hejnol, Jean-Francois Brunet
  • sponsors:

  • Evolution of stem cells and regeneration
    Organizers: Ram Reshef, Uri Frank
  • Next generation models to understand animal phylogeny and regulatory evolution
    Organizers: Michel Vervoort, Florian Raible
  • Evolution at the Plant-Animal interface
    Organizers: Beverley Glover, Sam Brockington
  • sponsors:

  • Morphological misfits
    Organizers: Paula Rudall, Ronald Jenner
  • Evo-Devo of homeotic transformations
    Organizers: Andre Pires da Silva, Frietson Galis
  • Evo-Devo of arthropod appendages: the genes that matter
    Organizers: Patricia Beldade, Antonia Monteiro
  • Evo-Devo in extreme environments
    Organizers: Didier Casane, Sylvie Rétaux
  • Planarians to parasitism: Development and stem cells in flatworms
    Organizers Peter Olson, Bret Pearson
  • sponsors:

  • Posterior elongation in bilaterians
    Organizers: Guillaume Balavoine, Ariel Chipman
  • sponsor:

  • Regulatory protein changes in the evolution of plant body plans
    Organizers: Günter Theissen
  • Theoretical contributions to Evo-Devo
    Organizers: Kirsten ten Tusscher, Hans Metz
  • 3D Imaging for EvoDevo
    Organizers: Brian Metscher, Gerd Mueller
  • 3D Morphometrics for EvoDevo
    Organizers: Philipp Mitteroecker
  • Heterospory: The Evolutionary Road to the Seed
    Organizers: Heather Sanders, Mike Frohlich
  • How do you like your eggs?
    Organizers: Casper Breuker, Alistair McGregor
  • The origin and fate of germ cells in animal evolution and development
    Organizers: Jeremy Lynch, Evelyn Schwager
  • Evolution of sex determining pathways in insects
    Organizers: Daniel Bopp, Louis van de Zande, Lino Polito, Martin Beye
  • Poster sessions

    Sponsor of poster session:

    Information for oral presentations:

    Speakers should transfer their presentation (powerpoint or PDF file) from a USB key, on to a PC in the lecture rooms before the start of their session, from 8.30 to 8.55 AM for the morning sessions, and during the breaks immediately preceding their session. Speakers will be able to use their own laptop computer for their presentation if they so desire - in this case, they should also come to the lecture room before the start of the session, as mentioned above, to check whether everything is OK. It is safest to have a copy of the presentation on a USB key in case of a problem.

    Operating systems available are Mac OSX and Windows Vista or 7.

    We kindly ask chairs to be present at least 15 minutes before the start of the session that they will chair.

    The maximum duration of talks of invited speakers in symposia is 25 minutes (20' + 5' for questions) and of contributed talks 15 minutes (10' + 5' for questions). Due to the large number of talks and the running of 4 sessions in parallel, we ask speakers to strictly keep to the allotted time for their talk and session chairs to be very strict in not allowing speakers to go over the allotted time.

    Information for posters:

    The posterboards are suitable for posters of A0 format (1.2m height x 0.9m width) or A1 (0.85m height x 0.60m width). All posters can remain posted throughout the meeting. Presenters should put up their posters on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. Please be present at your poster during the poster sessions on Wednesday (even numbers) or Thursday (odd numbers). Materials for fixing posters on the boards will be available at the reception desk. Posters should be removed before the end of the meeting, i.e. at the latest during the coffee break on Friday afternoon.

    Organizing Committees:

    Local Committee

    Élio Sucena (Chair) - Lisbon University & Gulbenkian Institute of Science Oeiras, Portugal
    Patricia Beldade - Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal
    Moisés Mallo - Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal
    Christen Mirth - Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal

    Scientific Committee

    Gerhard Schlosser (Chair) - National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
    Richard Bateman - The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, U.K.
    Frietson Galis - VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam & NCB Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands
    Ronald Jenner - Natural History Museum, London, U.K.
    Peter Olson - Natural History Museum, London, U.K.
    Michael Schubert - Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon, ENS de Lyon, France
    Élio Sucena - Lisbon University & Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal

    Program Committee

    Gerhard Schlosser (Chair) - National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
    Frietson Galis - VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam & NCB Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands
    Élio Sucena -Lisbon University & Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal

    Sponsors of the meeting:

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