Call for symposia Helsinki 2024 meeting

Dear Members of the EED,

We are excited to announce the 9th meeting of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EuroEvoDevo) scheduled for 25th – 28th June 2024 in Helsinki, Finland (

The EED Scientific Committee warmly invites symposium proposals for the Helsinki conference. We are committed to stimulating interdisciplinary dialogue and enhancing international collaboration. Therefore, we strongly encourage symposium proposals encompassing broad, integrative topics of potential interest to researchers from various fields such as developmental biology, genetics, paleontology, theoretical biology, ecology, genomics, comparative biology, all underpinned by an evolutionary focus. Symposium proposals that synergize animal and plant studies, with a particular emphasis on evolutionary mechanisms, are also highly encouraged. As part of our commitment to promoting new voices and diverse perspectives in our field, we also strongly encourage the submission of symposium proposals to those interested in exploring controversial or emergent topics.

In our ongoing commitment to promoting new perspectives and inclusive dialogue, we are particularly interested in receiving proposals from first-time applicants and early-career researchers (postdocs, junior PIs). Additionally, we are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our scientific community, and we strongly encourage proposals from researchers across various countries and diverse backgrounds.

Each symposium will accommodate four invited speakers, with a time allotment of 25 minutes for each speaker (20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). Please remember that speakers can only present in one symposium. To facilitate the selection process, please follow this link (, which will guide you to a submission forms submission page. The deadline for symposium proposals is 30th September 2023.

We look forward to receiving your symposium suggestions! Please feel free to contact the program officer in case you have any questions.

On behalf of the scientific committee,

Sylvie Rétaux, Program Officer EED