UK Evo Devo Symposium, 8 September 2017

UK Evo Devo Symposium, 8 September 2017, Flett Theater, The Natural History Museum, London

The NHM will host a 1 day symposium with invited and contributed talks, posters and catering. Please contact to register your attendance.

Plenary speaker: Angelika Stollewerk (Queen Mary Univ)

Invited speakers: Sinéad Drea (Leicester Univ), Andrew Gillis (Cambridge Univ), Jordi Paps (Univ Essex), Alistair McGregor (Oxford Brooks), Ildiko Somorjai (St Andrews Univ)

Organisers: Pete Olson (NHM), Dave Ferrier (St Andrews Univ), Arkhat Abzhanoz (NHM & Imperial College)